About Us

What Makes Us Different

The Center for Breakthrough Medicines delivers:

  • On-demand capacity for pre-clinical development through commercial manufacturing of advanced therapies
  • Flexible access to cutting-edge process technologies
  • Platform process technologies for rapid production
  • Deep process expertise in advanced therapies
  • Scalable, end-to-end therapeutic manufacturing support allowing your team to focus on innovation
  • Commitment to quality and regulatory compliance
  • cGMP compliant services delivered by applied research, development, and manufacturing science and technology experts
  • Flexible cleanrooms aligned with client-specific workflows and equipment configurations

Our team offers an end-to-end manufacturing solution.
We are focused on reducing the time, complexity, and cost to commercialize lifesaving and life-changing therapies

Our Mission

Save lives by mastering and accelerating the development and manufacturing of Advanced Therapies.

Management Team

Board of Directors