Eustace Mita

“Unwavering faith, always maintaining a positive attitude, how to be a leader, humility, and so much more.”

Eustace Mita is board member for The Center for Breakthrough Medicines and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Icona Resorts, which owns and manages hotel properties in Avalon, Diamond Beach and Cape May, New Jersey. Mr. Mita is also Chairman of Mita Management, a company with interests in automotive and real estate, and is the Chief Executive Officer of Achristavest, LLC, a developer of waterfront properties in New Jersey, Nantucket, Maryland, Utah and Pennsylvania. Prior to forming Mita Management and Achristavest, <strong>Mr. Mita was the President and Chief Executive Officer of HAC Group, one of the world’s largest auto dealer training and consulting groups, with operations in nineteen countries, including Europe and Asia</strong>. In 2000, under Mr. Mita’s leadership, HAC merged with Reynolds &amp; Reynolds, which has approximately 5,000 employees and a network of 10,000 dealer customers worldwide.