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AAV Vector CDMO Services

Emily Moran

SVP of Vector Manufacturing

Center for Breakthrough Medicines offers innovative services that are designed to accelerate biopharmaceutical and cell & gene therapy projects through AAV vector development. We have customizable production suites ranging from 50L to 1000L suspension-based manufacturing platforms. With solutions that cover the entire AAV production workflow, our mission is to accelerate the development and manufacturing of innovative therapies to bring more treatments to more patients.

Thought Leadership

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Leading with science, driven by passion

Center for Breakthrough Medicines is striving for a future where advanced therapies are available and affordable for every patient.

CBM Expertise

At CBM, we take pride in offering unmatched flexibility, allowing you to collaborate seamlessly with our subject matter experts in our cutting-edge development labs and state-of-the-art GMP manufacturing suites. Together, we can bring your groundbreaking therapies to life.

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