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A CDMO with an innovator approach to vector design, cell line evaluation and processing parameters.

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World-class R&D leads to a right-first-time path to market

Center for Breakthrough Medicines (CBM) brings a breadth of expertise, technologies and R&D capabilities to our clients to rapidly develop patient therapies of the highest quality. Our comprehensive development and manufacturing services are located on a single site, and our technical team has experience working on the earliest cell and gene therapy programs, and has a history of progressing advanced therapies all the way to commercialization. CBM’s technology platforms are derived from our partnerships with the leading pioneers in the industry, and combine with our expertise and capabilities to deliver risk mitigation and the fastest path to market.

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Accelerating progress and ensuring manufacturability

CBM can accelerate your program by providing diagnosis and solutions for your current vector design through a comprehensive capsid review and selection process to avoid future comparability studies. We assess manufacturability early on and recommend specific development actions to streamline scale-up and the regulatory process. We explore multiple approaches to increase yield, purity, and manufacturability. Our integrated process development enables a smooth tech transfer with the expected performance at manufacturing scale throughout the product lifecycle.

Cell line development and viral vector process development

CBM offers cell line development of both adherent and suspension cells, process and analytical assay improvements, and a track record within our expert team for successful execution with advanced therapies. Our cell line development and engineering is differentiated by cell line selection strategy, adaptation, and media optimization.
We offer extensive Design of Experiments (DoE) for optimized viral production platforms. We establish unit operations for the production, harvest and primary chromatographic purification of AAV, lentivirus and adenovirus, empty:full chromatographic separation of AAV, and novel drug product formulations.

CBM’s R&D services

Cell Line Engineering
Plasmid Sequencing Verification
Vector Engineering
Platform Development