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Biomanufacturing Outsourcing ‘Growing Wildly’ As Life Sciences Firms Ramp Up Production

CBM's capacity for testing, analytics and manufacturing is benefiting startups around Philadelphia
August 16, 2021

““Current therapeutic platforms were developed in academic labs and present a challenge to scale and manufacture,” she said. “It’s critical the industry bring to market partnerships that offer scalable, proven and efficient platforms for scaling up production.”

CDMOs offer a benefit to startups, allowing them to funnel vital funding dollars toward science instead of developing in-house manufacturing capacity. That capacity not only requires physical space with expensive build-out and equipment requirements, but also means finding talent with supply chain, testing, analytics and manufacturing experience. Outsourcing these tasks also means scaling up quickly is easier.

“Catastrophic success is a common industry phrase,” said Audrey Greenberg, co-founder and chief business officer of the Center for Breakthrough Medicines. “All of a sudden, there’s a huge market need and having capacity is an extreme advantage.”

Greenberg believes the development of the Center for Breakthrough Medicines site in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, near the startups and spin-offs emerging in Philadelphia, showcases one vision for the future of life sciences real estate.”

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