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End-to-End Cell & Gene Therapy – From Development to Commercialization – Buy or Build?

CBM offers End-to-End Cell & Gene Therapy
March 5, 2021

The exponential growth of the cell and gene therapy (CGT) market has been driven by the convergence of several economic and scientific developments. The rapid growth in computing power combined with the use of artificial intelligence has resulted in a greater understanding of the human genome and its role in the origin of disease. Scientists have now identified more than 6,000 life-threatening diseases that are the result of a single ge­netic defect.

The convergence of these technologies and computing power amplifies the transformative promise cell and gene thera­pies can offer to millions of patients. If manufacturing obstacles and capacity constraints can be resolved, the growth potential for these innovative and life-saving treatments can be achieved. The industry desperately requires development and manufacturing capacity to meet the growing demand…

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