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How Philly’s Bioscience Sector Is Driving the City’s Next Big Real Estate Boom

December 8, 2020

Philadelphia’s life sciences sector is right about where Michael Jordan was in 1989.

If you’re into sports history, you know 1989 was a break-out year for Jordan, one in which he’d score the first of many history-making, game-winning shots. And even though it would be two years before he’d win his first league championship — and another two years before he’d carry his team to its first three-peat, earning its dynasty title in the process — if you hadn’t noticed Jordan before then, that was the year you started to pay attention. For Philly, 2017 was the year the city’s life sciences sector clinched “the shot.” The city celebrated two first-of-their-kind FDA-approved gene and cell therapies to treat specific types of cancer and blindness. And by the end of 2019, things were looking more promising than ever…

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