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KOP Insiders: Audrey Greenberg, Co-Founder, Discovery Labs

Audrey Greenberg is the Co-founder, Chief Business Officer and Board Member of The Center for Breakthrough Medicines
May 18, 2021

“My background is primarily in capital markets and transactions. I grew up professionally in public accounting and investment banking and then spent 10 years in private equity. As I matured professionally, I became increasingly motivated by triple-bottom line investing centered around not only generating a financial return but also having a social and environmental impact. When Brian O’Neill, who I knew through the private equity world, approached me about starting The Discovery Labs, I was extremely motivated by his vision of creating an ecosystem easing the path to commercialization for life changing and lifesaving medicines. The opportunity to positively impact patient lives drives me and our culture.

Our acquisition of the GlaxoSmithKline worldwide R&D headquarters facility in KOP fulfilled our vision to create a multi-user facility for a synergistic mix of life science companies. This unique hub leverages the pharma-grade infrastructure already in-place — saving precious capital for innovation rather than buildout.”

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