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Navigating Preclinical Manufacturing: Paving the Path to Clinical Success

August 30, 2023

Cell and gene therapy has tremendous potential, yet the journey from discovery to clinical success is a multifaceted endeavor. Among the crucial stages, early process development (PD) and preclinical production stand as pivotal points of progress. In an insightful on-demand webinar, experts from the Center for Breakthrough Medicines (CBM) delve into the strategies that can shape the future of these sensitive drug products and ensure success through clinical trials and commercial launch.

The challenge of early process studies and preclinical manufacturing

The early stages of process development and preclinical production in cell and gene therapy may seem daunting, but they hold the keys to success. This crucial phase lays the foundation for clinical trials and eventual commercialization. A focus on quality in study design and material is vital, as it can make all the difference in the outcomes of these sensitive drug products.

Strategic approaches for success

Avi Nandi, Chief Technical Officer, and Tatiana Nanda, Sr. Director of Drug Product at CBM, share proven strategies that can propel preclinical production and early process development toward a successful IND package. By strategically addressing key early-stage studies and employing high-throughput capabilities, developers can mitigate risks, enhance process productivity, and prepare for successful regulatory submissions.

Mitigating risk for regulatory success

Early-stage studies are not merely preparatory steps; they are the stepping stones to regulatory success. The webinar underscores how meticulous planning and execution of these studies can mitigate risks, ensuring that therapies meet stringent regulatory standards. A well-designed preclinical strategy sets the stage for a smoother journey through clinical trials and beyond.

Leveraging high-throughput capabilities

The webinar delves into the advantages of high-throughput capabilities in early-stage process development. This technology enables developers to efficiently evaluate multiple parameters and scenarios, optimizing process productivity and scalability. By embracing high-throughput techniques, companies can make informed decisions that drive progress.

Pilot plant scale-up techniques

Pilot plant operations play a critical role in preclinical production. Not only do they offer flexibility and scalability, but they also provide valuable training opportunities. Developers can fine-tune processes, ensure seamless scale-up, and enhance staff expertise through hands-on experience in these controlled environments.

A strategic approach to clinical success

The path from preclinical manufacturing to clinical success is paved with strategic decisions. By harnessing the insights shared in this webinar, developers can navigate these critical stages with confidence. With meticulous study design, high-throughput capabilities, and pilot plant scale-up techniques, companies position themselves for first-time-right cGMP production and a successful journey through clinical trials.

The road to clinical success in cell and gene therapy is a journey of precision, strategy, and innovation. By embracing key strategies in preclinical manufacturing and early process development, developers can not only mitigate risks but also elevate the potential of their therapies. The expertise shared in this on-demand webinar offers a roadmap for developers, guiding them toward optimized processes, regulatory excellence, and the promise of transformative therapies that can change lives.

To delve deeper into these transformative insights, watch the full webinar below.

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