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New Poster: Alleviate Crucial Challenges in Scaling Up Gene Therapy Manufacturing

October 3, 2022

Emily Moran, VP of Vector Manufacturing, Center for Breakthrough Medicines

In this new poster, CBM expert Emily Moran, VP of Viral Vector Manufacturing, explores how designing modular, BLA/MAA-ready cleanrooms with configurability for unique process needs leads to rapid and high-yielding vector production.

Download the poster.

As vector-delivered advanced therapies are brought to market, lack of capacity has posed issues for manufacturing, subsequently delaying time to market for therapies that could save patient lives. Early process optimization sets the stage for clinical and commercial manufacturing and plays a foundational role in decreasing time to market and lowering the costs of AAV production.

Key takeaways:

  • – Designing a flexible, purpose-built facility to ramp up AAV production
  • – Ensuring first-time-right results by optimizing critical viral vector manufacturing parameters during process development
  • – Transferring process know-how rapidly from innovator to CDMO to scale up volumes in four months

Download the poster.

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