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On-Demand Webinar: Beyond AAV: Prepare for the next generation of advanced therapy delivery

April 25, 2023

Avi Nandi, Chief Technical Officer and Emily Moran, SVP of Vector Manufacturing

While adeno-associated vector (AAV)-based therapies have seen clinical and commercial success (3 FDA approvals to date), challenges with manufacturing at scale, delivery specificity, packaging capacity, and repeat dosing remain. As advanced therapies broaden to larger patient populations and wider indications, developers will need to consider upgrades and alternatives such as adenovirus, oncolytic virus (e.g., HSV, retrovirus), and lentivirus.

Center for Breakthrough Medicines’ Chief Technical Officer Avi Nandi and SVP of Vector Manufacturing Emily Moran will discuss the above challenges and how advances in technology, accelerated by a CDMO partner, will prepare innovators for the next generation of advanced therapies.

In this webinar learn:

  • – Why the growing potential of advanced therapy precipitates consideration of other delivery mechanisms
  • – What innovations in AAV design and manufacturing are being developed to overcome common challenges
  • – When to consider other viral and non-viral delivery methods
  • – How CDMOs like Center for Breakthrough Medicines are forward-engineering facilities to manufacture a wide variety of delivery vectors at scale

Watch the full webinar below.

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