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On-Demand Webinar, Unlocking allogeneic cell therapy success: downstream strategies for commercialization

October 17, 2023

Allogeneic cell therapies are on the cusp of a transformative breakthrough, fueled by promising clinical data and compelling long-term trends. As the field advances towards large-scale commercialization, a critical focal point emerges: the optimization of downstream processes. These processes encompass the intricate art of efficient cell harvesting, as well as the seamless orchestration of drug product preparation involving complex steps such as formulation, filling, labeling, and inspection.

This presentation and Q&A will cover lessons learned from commercialized autologous cell therapies, highlight key differences between one-to-one vs. one-to-many cell therapies, and profile automation and closed processing technologies optimized for allogeneic cell therapies.

CBM experts will explore:

  • – What technologies and techniques can gently and quickly harvest cells
  • – How to formulate, fill, label, and inspect doses in short timeframes
  • – Which freeze, storage, and handling capabilities are needed for last-mile delivery to treatment centers

View the full webinar below.

About The Center for Breakthrough Medicines

Center for Breakthrough Medicines (CBM) is a purpose-built and patient-driven, cell and gene therapy contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) uniquely positioned to enable pharma and biotech companies to develop, test, and manufacture life-saving therapies on a global scale. Ideally located in the heart of Philadelphia’s Cellicon Valley, CBM has assembled the most accomplished cell and gene therapy experts in the world, armed with cutting-edge and innovative technologies, to offer scalable, end-to-end, best-in-class services from pre-clinical through commercial, including process development, plasmid DNAvector manufacturing, cell banking, cell processing, and a full suite of complementary and standalone testing and analytical capabilities.

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