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Philadelphia – A Biopharma Hub on the Move

December 14, 2020

Philadelphia is not just the city of brotherly love. It is one of the nation’s top biopharma hubs and the birthplace of cell and gene therapy. Within the next few years, the role of life sciences companies and institutions that call the city home is expected to grow at an accelerated rate, further cementing the city’s place as a key biopharma ecosystem.

When the dust of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic settles, key industry leaders see a significant opportunity for Philadelphia to become a next-generation biopharma hub. During the Dec. 10 MedCity INVEST Precision Medicine conference, Audrey Greenberg, Executive Managing Director of The Discovery Labs, said many of the keys are already in place for Philadelphia to become a top-five biopharma hub, including innovative science in the cell and gene therapy space, top hospitals and strong education and training programs…

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