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Plasmid Power: Navigating Challenges with Precision and Quality in Advanced Therapy Development

August 30, 2023

When developing advanced therapies, the significance of plasmids cannot be overstated. These genetic building blocks form the backbone of  cell and gene therapies. Yet, the journey from bench to bedside is often riddled with challenges such as lead times, consistency, and quality. In an enlightening on-demand webinar, experts from the Center for Breakthrough Medicines (CBM) shed light on how high-quality, phase-appropriate plasmid manufacturing can be the key to accelerating advanced therapies and ensuring their success.

Major plasmid challenges and their impact

Plasmid manufacturing for advanced therapies comes with its own set of challenges, and three stand out: extended lead times, maintaining continuity and consistency across development stages, and variable quality and yield. These challenges can hinder the swift progress of therapies and even impact their efficacy and safety. Addressing them requires a strategic approach that considers the unique needs of each therapy.

The crucial role of phase-appropriate strategies

Choosing the right plasmid manufacturing strategy is paramount to overcoming these challenges. Developers need solutions that cater to the specific phase of development, whether it’s research, preclinical studies, clinical trials, or commercialization. A one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t suffice. Phase-appropriate plasmid strategies ensure that the quality, quantity, and characteristics of the plasmids align with the demands of each stage, allowing for seamless progression and consistent results.

Benefits of platform manufacturing for plasmids

A platform manufacturing process offers a streamlined approach to plasmid production. It ensures superior quality, reproducibility, and scalability. The webinar explores how such a process can address the challenges of consistency and yield, ultimately accelerating the timeline from development to commercialization.

Custom constructs vs off-the-shelf solutions

One of the critical decisions in plasmid development is choosing between off-the-shelf and custom constructs. Each option has its benefits and tradeoffs. While off-the-shelf plasmids offer speed and convenience, custom constructs provide tailored solutions that cater to the unique requirements of a therapy. The webinar delves into these considerations and provides insights to guide developers in making informed choices.

NGS confirmation for quality assurance

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is a powerful tool in plasmid manufacturing. It ensures that the starting material is of the highest quality, allowing for detection of even subtle variants down to 5%. This technology adds a layer of assurance that the plasmids are reliable and consistent, contributing to the overall success of advanced therapy development.

The journey from concept to reality in the realm of advanced therapies hinges on the precision, quality, and consistency of plasmid manufacturing. By addressing challenges such as lead times, continuity, and quality through phase-appropriate strategies and leveraging technologies like NGS, developers can navigate the complex landscape with speed and confidence. The insights shared in this on-demand webinar offer a comprehensive guide for advanced therapy developers, ushering them toward efficient and successful plasmid-based therapies that have the potential to transform healthcare as we know it.

To dive deeper into these discussions, we invite you to watch the full webinar below.

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