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Scaling Allogeneic Cell Therapy Manufacturing

July 24, 2023

A well-defined manufacturing process is essential to ensure consistency in the quality of the final product when scaling allogeneic cell therapy manufacturing. This includes the source of the starting material, the method of isolation, and the cultural conditions. Once you have a well-defined manufacturing process, optimize it for scale-up. This may involve modifying the equipment or process to increase the yield or throughput.

In this white paper, CBM experts discuss the considerations for building a successful cell therapy manufacturing program. View, Seven Steps for Allogeneic Cell Therapy Success.

Allogeneic cell therapies require a large amount of starting material, so it is important to evaluate the availability and quality of raw materials to ensure a consistent supply.

1. Implementing Scale-Up vs. Scale-Out

2. Maintaining Aseptic Processing

3. Adopting Single-Use Systems for Scale

4. Future-proofing Facility Designs

5. Ensuring Starting Material Quality

6. Addressing Plasmid and Viral Vector Supply Chain Concerns

7. Simplifying Scheduling, Logistics, and Chain of Identity

Allogeneic cell therapy is poised to be a paradigm-shifting treatment from a scale, cost, and reach perspective. Center for Breakthrough Medicines has prior experience in advancing and scaling cell therapy manufacturing and our clients can leverage our large single-source facility, capable of fully integrated production, with flexible, forward-engineered suites and client-centric program management.

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