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The Future of Advanced Therapy Delivery: Insights from Industry Experts

August 30, 2023

The realm of advanced therapies is on the cusp of an evolution, driven by the need to overcome the challenges that come with the success of adeno-associated vector (AAV)-based therapies. While AAV therapies have achieved significant clinical and commercial milestones, certain obstacles like manufacturing scalability, delivery precision, packaging capacity, and repeat dosing have prompted the exploration of alternative delivery mechanisms.

The landscape beyond AAV

AAV-based therapies have marked their success with three FDA approvals, revolutionizing the treatment landscape for numerous conditions. However, as these therapies advance into larger patient populations and more indications, the limitations of AAV delivery mechanisms become increasingly apparent. Challenges in scaling up manufacturing, achieving precise delivery, accommodating higher packaging capacity, and facilitating repeat dosing push the industry to explore alternatives.

Innovations in AAV design and manufacturing

One of the pivotal discussions in the webinar revolves around the innovations being pursued in AAV design and manufacturing to overcome the challenges faced. Industry experts are harnessing advancements in technology to streamline manufacturing processes, improve vector design, and enhance therapeutic efficacy. These innovations are not only addressing current limitations but are also preparing the ground for the next generation of advanced therapies.

Exploring viral and non-viral delivery methods

As the scope of advanced therapies widens, developers need to consider an array of delivery mechanisms beyond AAV. The webinar explores the potential of oncolytic viruses (such as HSV and adenovirus), and lentiviruses as alternatives. Each approach has its strengths and considerations, and the industry is meticulously evaluating their viability for various therapeutic applications.

Role of CDMO in advancing the field

The role of Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) is of paramount importance in advancing the field of advanced therapy delivery. Avi Nandi and Emily Moran shed light on how CDMOs like the Center for Breakthrough Medicines are playing a proactive role in driving innovation. By forward-engineering facilities to manufacture a wide variety of delivery vectors at scale, CDMOs are enabling developers to navigate the next era of advanced therapies with confidence.

Preparing for the next generation

The on-demand webinar emphasizes the growing potential of advanced therapies and why it’s essential for developers to explore new delivery mechanisms. It provides insights into the strategies and technologies being employed to overcome current challenges and drive the field forward. By considering alternative viral and non-viral delivery methods and collaborating with forward-thinking CDMOs, the industry is poised to prepare for the next generation of advanced therapies that promise to impact patients’ lives profoundly.

The future of advanced therapy delivery is bright with possibilities. By looking beyond AAV, embracing innovation, and collaborating with CDMOs like the Center for Breakthrough Medicines, the industry is poised to overcome challenges and unlock new avenues for therapeutic success. As we stand on the brink of a new era, the insights shared in this webinar offer a glimpse into the exciting advancements that await us in the world of advanced therapies. To dive deeper into this transformative discussion, watch the full webinar below.

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