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Weathering The Biotech Storm: Accelerating Manufacturing, Controlling Cost, And Managing Risk With A Strategic CDMO Relationship

By Joerg Ahlgrimm, CEO, Center for Breakthrough Medicines

Following an exuberant investment period during the past several pandemic years, strong headwinds are now challenging the biotech industry. Supply chain snags, a scarcity of skilled talent for technical roles, and a skittish investor climate are severely impacting corporate valuations and are causing some retrenchment in early-stage biotechnology companies.

The promise of and demand for cell and gene therapies (CGT) has never been greater given remarkable advancements including a ten-year follow-up of one of the first patients treated with CAR-T cell therapy for chronic lymphocytic leukemia showing he remains cancer-free and the word “cure” being used to describe the treatment’s success, as well the recent approval in Europe of PTC Therapeutics’ gene therapy, Upstaza, to treat AADC deficiency. However, the complexities and financial pressures of developing and manufacturing future life-saving treatments is threatening innovation.

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June 6, 2022