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Center for Breakthrough Medicines, Nucleus Biologics, and Stoic Bio Announce Strategic Collaboration for Steady Supply of Quality Controlled Cell Culture Media to Expedite Development of Cell and Gene Therapies

March 7, 2023

San Diego, CA, Mar. 07, 2023 –In a joint effort to accelerate high-quality therapies to market, Nucleus Biologics, The Cell Performance Company™, a leading provider of custom cell culture media solutions for the cell and gene therapy industry, and Stoic Bio, a provider of sustainable technology for cell media manufacturing, have announced plans for a supply agreement with the Center for Breakthrough Medicines (CBM), a leading contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), whose mission is to save lives by accelerating the development and manufacture of advanced therapies. This agreement makes Nucleus Biologics the preferred supplier of cell culture media and other critical biological solutions for CBM; thus, ensuring a steady, consistent supply of this critical material with tighter quality control measures.

Nucleus Biologics’ approach to cell culture media, namely the view of media not as just another laboratory consumable, but instead as a critical raw material that can drive desired attributes of cells critical for the success of cell and gene therapy development, is a natural complement to CBM. With transparency, technology, and end-to-end solutions at the core of CBM, this partnership will serve to further advance their goals of expediting breakthroughs in cell and gene therapy.

“Our recent collaboration with Nucleus has demonstrated the critical role cell culture media can have in both the manufacturing of cell therapies and its clinical efficacy,” said Matthew Farabaugh, Chief Financial Officer at CBM. “This agreement strengthens our relationship and secures an integral part of the supply chain that allows us to get these lifesaving treatments to patients faster.”

The agreement also positions CBM as one of the early adopters of Krakatoa™, Stoic Bio’s innovative family of point-of-use media makers that allows scientists to manufacture their own media inside their laboratory or in the bioreactor suite. The cell culture media, solubilized in the Krakatoa, results in 65% less CO2 emissions than conventional media. CBM is poised to demonstrate that developing and manufacturing lifesaving therapies doesn’t have to come with a heavy environmental cost.

“We are proud to partner with CBM as their company culture, facilities, and services make them uniquely positioned to support the cell and gene therapy development community,” said David Sheehan, CEO of both Nucleus Biologics and Stoic Bio. “As we collectively work to get efficacious and cost-effective therapies into the market, the importance of media formulation and manufacturing is a foundational element.  This collaboration will leverage enabling, innovative technology to assist therapy developers from discovery to commercialization.”

With an estimated 2,200 cell and gene therapies in development, the industry needs collaborations to speed these candidates into the clinic and ultimately to approved drugs.  The CBM, Nucleus Biologics, and Stoic Bio collaboration will create a truly unique service offering that will introduce a paradigm shift in development and manufacturing to the entire industry. This partnership will serve as an example for how technology and sustainability can converge to make better therapies sustainably.   

About The Center for Breakthrough Medicines (CBM)
Center for Breakthrough Medicines (CBM) is a cell and gene therapy contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) uniquely positioned to enable pharma and biotech companies to develop, test, and manufacture, life-saving therapies, and treatments on a global scale. Ideally located in the heart of Philadelphia’s Cellicon Valley, CBM has assembled the most accomplished cell and gene therapy experts in the world, armed with cutting-edge and innovative technologies, to offer scalable, best-in-class pre-clinical through commercial manufacturing capabilities, including process development, plasmid DNA, vector manufacturing, cell banking, cell processing, and a full suite of complementary and standalone testing and analytical capabilities.

Purpose-built and patient-driven, CBM was designed from the ground up to be a more-effective CDMO, providing single-source, end-to-end solutions to deliver true partnership and unprecedented value to its customers through teamwork, transparency, and speed-to-market dedication.

About Nucleus Biologics
Nucleus Biologics, The Cell Performance Company, is the leading provider of custom cell-growth media, tools and technologies for cell and gene therapy. Their mission is to speed the time from scientific discovery to cure by delivering innovative, transparent, and cGMP products and services with the goal of disrupting the market and eliminating antiquated practices and products. Ultimately, Nucleus Biologics strives to create a new paradigm that serves both scientists and clinicians while reducing the environmental footprint of cell culture.

About Stoic Bio
Stoic Bio, a spinoff of Nucleus Biologics, is a life sciences technology company that is focused on innovating how cell culture media is being delivered to the marketplace. Through our patented systems, we are transforming media manufacturing market to point of use using powder and pods ensuring higher quality media with a reduced environmental footprint.


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